Saturday, March 17, 2007

San Jose? 10am Saturday

Singapore? 1am Sunday

I just checked into the 4 seasons, had a luxurious shower, swiped all the L'occitane soap, and I have a wake up call for 5am (that's 4 hours from now)

5:15 leave for airport, fly to Bangalore.

The beds here are super luxurious, but I wish I had got reservation at transit hotel in airport instead.

Flight in? horrid seat next to really, Really, REALLY, really smelly engineer guys.

But cute Danish girl across the aisle was being flirty. So I showed her pics of the cutest baby and best wife evAr. She toned down the flirt. More "what a cute baby" less "mile high?, though you are fat, you are only white in this section"

More crappy movies, Casino Royale? he did not even have good gadgets. Sean Connery is the ONLY Bond. Chicken dish on this flight made me a bit ill.

good night

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