Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saul's Aunt Kate sent some pix

Traffic pix.

Helmet sticker to remind you, in case you did not notice

Father about to take son off bike. I am trying to get a snap of same in traffic. The kids always have wrap around glasses, and always a BIG smile

I am trying to give idea of traffic here, but pix do not really capture the madness. this is a road, we are in the correct lane, headed to work.

If you look out left back window, you can see man on bicycle with son. Son wishes for motorcycle :)

last night, did not sleep well. Mosquito in room. Guy in next room listens to tv loud. very loud. and likes the financial news. so much he masturbates to it.

I think I am in economy room. as it is a dump. rest of hotel is nice, but I am not so impressed.

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