Sunday, March 25, 2007

sitting in heathrow blows. unless you are a super elite blahdy blah club member (Screw YOU Dale! Just kidding, thank god I don't have to travel as much as Dale)

Anyhow, I found a place to sit away from the blown cadburys chunky kid. Settled back in, and some russian girls sat across from me. short short skirts and flashy drawers. AND? their MOM was there.

I had to move again, cause that just ain't good for my heart, no matter how you slice it up.

So I went to the pub, ordered fish & chips and a bottle of water. I think I paid $30us.

Isn't the economy supposed to BOOM in wartime? Britain is. Why not the US? Something is effed up.

Anyhow, fish chips water. NO BEER. and? Sara will love this! I did not clean my plate. I left about 1/4 the fish and 1/2 the fries it was just too much. Smaller portions.

left to find the bathroom, found a comfy, yet dirty chair, and am sitting and catching up. it's 1:31pm here, according to the Google Clocks widget, it is 2:30pm in italy, so only an hour off? the next two days should be okay, cause I am not totally tired. I can kind of make it feel like 1:30pm Even though I just took a 11 hr flight.

It's 5:30am in San Jose, so no chatting with Sara. :(

my flight here leaves at 4, but boards at 3 something. so I have 1.5 hr till they post which gate. I am a little loopy, but all is well.

Box of Godiva mint stix, (kind of like Pokky) for Milena, who fixed my driver issues.

My messenger bag is about to blow out. I looked at some shops here, the closest one that may work? 180 euro. the chances of me buying a $240us bag? nil.

Will look in Italy, then in Israel. I should have brought duct tape

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