Saturday, March 17, 2007

So, 11:25am Sunday, Bangalore time.

11:55 PM San Jose time. Why the half hour offset? I do not know.

The plane flight was, err, adventurous. Either stinky or naptha. I will ask a pal today why people smell like Naptha. (mothballs) Which, BTW, is also stinky.

Ate veg breakfast on the plane, cause the non-veg brekkis looked very bad. Got to Blr, FLEW through customs. It is against the law to shave your eyebrows in India. My passport photo is post chemo, and I have no hair. They were irritated, till I said "cancer" then? ZIP ZIP through customs, buh bye.

AND? MY LUGGAGE MADE IT! YAHOO. I have clean clothes to change into.

I have made it through customs, I am in the Taj Residency Hotel, which has ben remodeled, and is nice. Not 4 seasons, but nice.

The 2 check in ladies saw Saul Photos, and agreed, he is the best looking kid ever.

i am taking a shower, then riding motorcycles with my pal Kandan. It's noon, we will go eat. But if I sleep, It will not help jetlag. I am gonna try my best to stay up till normal local time evening tonight.

AND I got to talk to Sara on SKYPE, that was nice.

Okay, off to shower. finally.

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