Friday, March 23, 2007

Yesterday KP & Uday took me to Cholayil restaurant. It is Auyrvedic and food is served in a particular order to help you feel better. It worked. I have not coughed in almost a day. :D

They have franchises, and I am positive, if someone opened this place in Silicon Valley? It would be a license to print money.

last night dinner was calamari in the bar at the hotel. Then Aparna came by and we chatted for long time.

I got to bed at 10:30, Slept late, had breakfast downstairs, and am waiting for her to come with the driver. We have some gifts I must purchase. :D

random snaps:


Out window of my room (hotel also means restaurant)

kid on back of scooter.

I am still trying to get the kid on front of motorcycle. SOOO Cool. I have a video of traffic at this intersection, but need to wait till I get high speed connection to upload it.

Sara tells me Saul is crawling much better. She shot some vid of him playing with the door Jamb, it is a little dark, but you can hear them sounding pretty happy.

I check out of hotel at 1am, and drive to airport. (1 hr) my flight leaves at 4am. it is an 11 hour flight to heathrow. 1 hr layover, then 2 hr flight to Milan. Arriving 3pm Milan time. so tonight? add 17+ hrs travel time.

another long long evening. Yikes. :P

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