Monday, April 16, 2007

I put together an email to send to a pal, then realized it is blog

so here is most of it

Tarzan is 8 3/4 months old. His teeth are finally starting to cut. Not in yet, but white gums and all.

He is a very happy child, which is his only redemption at the moment. Apparently with teething? you get runny nose, stuffy head.

Having the tube in his nose, it makes everything more difficult. If he has a stuffy nose, and I try to give him solid food, he barfs it up Now with the teething, he is putting his fingers in his mouth to chew, which pushes down on his tongue, and? BARF-O

Sara is in Minneapolis for a memorial service.

me? I am totally Senor Mom!

but he barfs a lot. so we have very clean floors

(David C!: When he pulls the tube out (and every other day occurrence) we put it in the same side for one week, then we try to alternate sides every other week so sometimes it is in the left, sometimes the right. Our hope is to even out the time tape is on both cheeks, so he does not get a bigger scar)

my folks are in town visiting, so that is a plus. and now? some random photos

At what point does the GI tube get to come out for good?
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