Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I tripped over this web site, there are 3 embedded commercials for Space Food Sticks.

(which, BTW, I LOVED as a kid)

Heck, Nasa was using them on SkyLab.

so I was watching these commercials, and it reminded me of the promise of an exciting brilliant new future. SPACE! FUN! All the cool things my generation was going to have.

There is a longwinded rant about where did we get derailed, but I am not gonna go into it.

I am just going to say I got Screwed. WHERE is my jetpack? where is my flying car? Where is my kitchen of the future? My Sonic Space Gun? What happened to Aqua-Copters and life under the sea?

WHY is America stepping backwards, not forwards.

I want space food sticks and deheydrated ice cream and a bright bold, fresh new world of possibility and opportunity.

Not the big brother - nanny state we have devolved into.

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