Thursday, May 03, 2007

For the past year, I have been slowly bidding and buying the 1915 collection of Popular Mechanics books titled "The Boy Mechanic". It was a four book series filled with projects for boys to make. After seeing the projects? I am not sure adults from our time could come close to making these.

So my thought? have the series, every weekend, make projects with Tarzan. I want him growing up knowing how to solve problems, use tools, build things and most importantly, THINK. No video game poopy

Popular Mechanics did a reprinted, edited, "new" and politically correct version. I ordered it to find? JUNK. All JUNK. "safe" projects that will guarantee safety. Screw that! To learn? you must Risk!

Gutenberg even has a free copy of book one, if you are interested to download and look?

Lee Valley Tools has a reprint set (which I have already ordered, thank you very much!) that I hope will become Tarzan's fun weekend activity guide.

I'll sell the originals I already have? and recoup the cost of the reprints.

I am back on a no-carb diet. Since the India trip, I am determined to lose weight, exercise; drop my blood pressure, reduce stress, and become more healthy. This morning I weighed 168lbs. I finally broke through 170. I am down from 195.

As part of the diet, I found some sugar free Popsicles. Which I shared with Saul on May 1st. I'd lick some, He's help. Here is the end result. A smiley, happy kid.


Hello Charles,

The comments about Popular Mechanics brought back memories of my junior high days. I remember participating in my father's tuning of his outboard motor and a series of motor scooters.

David C.
No Grand Theft Auto?!?!?!

How will he learn to flip cars and kick hookers?

Oh, wait... Well, at least make sure you save bail and hospital money before getting to that weekly lesson.
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