Friday, May 04, 2007

So Saul has been cranky the past 2 days or so. Last night he was restless.

Today I got a call from his wonderful daycare. Tarzan is running 102 fever.

I freak completely out. He is first kid, first time it happened, all the other stuff with him, OH MY OH MY. Freak out Freak out!

Got Sara on the phone, she went to pick him up, while I called Dr.s office. Daycare gave him some tylenol. By the time she got there, his temp had dropped to almost normal.

Sara was able to take him in and work with the Nurse Practitioner, who said one of his ears is a little red and swollen, but nothing major. He got an antibiotic shot, and we put him on a strict pedialyte diet for a day or so, to keep him very very hydrated, and try to keep him from throwing up. We want to keep max fluid in him.

Sara has everything under control, but I am still a little freaked out.

(oh, BTW, 15lbs 11oz at the doctors office)

When I got home in the afternoon, his temp went back up some, so I freaked out some more. Freak out! Freak Out! Sara called the nurse practitioner, who gave us some guidelines, things to look for, etc. and said we are normal.

So we are pumping him full of pedialyte ever 30 mins, keeping cool washcloth on his head when he heats up, and keeping him calm.

he is sleeping a lot, but when he is up, he is kinda crying. he obviously does not feel great.

Poor Baby Saul.

I know it's normal? but it does not stop me from freaking out. Sara is handling it much better. He is sleeping on the bed next to me, face down, butt up. snoring away.

will hope he is better quickly. On the way to daycare we were practicing Tarzan hollers. Ah -aaaahhhh - ahhhhh


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