Saturday, May 26, 2007

texas boys went home. :( but was great fun to have them out here.

after brunch Sara and I stopped at the "Rack Shop" which specializes in cartop racks, etc. the punky kid working there did not know a hill of beans, and basically said $200 for the bars to mount the canoe mounts on for the top of Sara's car. Fooey, I will look on the interweb.

Then he said basically, he did not know from Sprinter.

Even with a ladder, I cannot reach the top of the sprinter, and or hoist a 13' 38lb Pirogue up there. There are companies that make ladder racks that can "glide" down the side to mount boat on, then glide up. it is VERY expensive.

More interweb research neccesary

Saul is drinking and eating, but we are not sure if it is enough. We are keeping a log of wet diapers, and exact amounts that go in.

he is happy. so that is good.

we went to Mark & Julia's this evening. He played on the grass, then in the pool

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