Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I know, post more often.

SO! The eating trial is going well. Young Mr. Statman is drinking more at night, and eating more during the day. Sara and I feel we are past the "needs a tube" stage, but we are still having to closely monitor his eating, so he does not dehydrate, etc.

Little hooligan!

Last night was taco tuesday, and Brad (who just found out he is in remission, yay, but has 2 more rounds of chemo to make sure) took this snap. And labeled it "mom of the year" Tarzan likes to chew on bottles, and will taste the beer. He also tastes limes. Makes the most hideous face, sticks is tongue out. then licks it again and again. Silly boy.

Pops sent me this photo of his family taken in 1958
Uncle Irv, Grandma Manya, Grandfather Charles, and my Dad.

I was named after Grandfather Charles, who was killed in an auto accident before I was born. In my "box of absolutely irreplaceable items of extreme personal value to me and no one else," I have the last check he wrote. To Wards, for gasoline, before he was killed. It is an eerie feeling to hold a canceled check, signed with your name, dated before you were born. But it is important to me.

I wish he could have met me. Of course I would have a different name if he did. And this is part of the reason why I am so glad my father has been able to hold my son, his grandson.

i think I am about out of words

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