Sunday, June 17, 2007


Rant. Warning, Rant.

I was out at Metcalf (san jose, ca) this morning. I go every sunday.

All this week I told my beautiful wife, all I want for fathers day is to go out and ride. I do not want presents, I do not want, etc. etc. I just want a ride. She gave me a brilliant present. A laminated photo of her and Saul. YAY!

USUALLY, I go into the 'backfield', most parks have them. Trails out in the middle of no where, you actually have to WORK to get to.

I was coming up a long, double wide, OPEN trail, and there were? THREE quads.

doing donuts in the middle of a 3 trail fork.

I made a decision, a gamble. Take the center trail. It leads to a heavily whooped fire road width trail. Either they won't go there, or there will be plenty of passing room.

i set up for my turn, I committed, and then? they all took the same trail.

Jeans, T-shirts, slip on sneakers, and really REALLY cheap helmets. the ones you see at the flea market.

I noticed all this, and SHOULD have thought.

What happens next? is TRULY my fault.

they got into the whoops, and slowed right down to a crawl, nice line, 3 bikes, all the way on the right. And? the last one keeps gassig up, roosting me with rocks.

I move to the left, and begin to pass them.

Pass #3, Pass #2, #1 turns and target fixates on me, and runs right into me.

Down I go. he took my front wheel with his, and I went over the bars.

swearing, I knew it was coming out, a stream of vulgar profanity. I was thinking, "my son's birthday is in 5 weeks, I do not want to be in a cast"

and the epiphany hit me.

I realize what it is that I really REALLY dislike about quads.

We've heard all the other rants. They tear up stuff, they ride like goofballs in the campsite, etc, etc.

But finally, as I was hurtling through the air into the scrub brush and rocks, it made sense.

ANYONE can ride a quad.

You do not have to build skill level.
You do not have to build knowledge of trails
You just get on and go.

Many of these weasels are just fuel for the sierra club to ban offroad riders.

Like they did. Not even stop. Kept riding.

I got up, got my 300 restarted, and just wanted to get to the parking lot, load up and go home. My day is done, I am bleeding, but my protective gear did it's job.

And it hits me like a ton of bricks. I have protective gear. They do not.

Second gentle uphill, lots of room, I pass hard, and on the gas. get around them, and slow down. This? this is just the bad bad man in me.. I lean forward, unweight the rear, gas it, and shower them with pebbles and rocks.

T shirts are not riding gear. And if you knock someone down, at least stop and check they are breathing.

Got back to the parking lot, loaded up, scraped left elbow and arm. If I did not have pads? would have been nasty. And my left hip is really hurting, from the inside, I probably jammed the ball of my femur into the hip socket, and bruised it up.

What did I learn?

Avoid Quads. Anyone can ride them, with no skill at all. Any toothless jackass can buy them, heck, the chinese made ones are less than $300


Quads suck.

I am gonna go ice my hip now.

They didn't even stop?!?! WTF. I hope you took out someone's eye with that gravel shower. Arghhhh!
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