Saturday, June 30, 2007

the really cool thing about the web is you sometimes trip over stuff that reminds you of being a kid.

growing up there were sticker packages, and they were not politically correct, but fun.

Odd Rods Cycles

All the Odd Rods

Wacky Packs, for fake products of fun...

and? Retroland! A media collection by decade. Like the 1970s when I growed up

which led me to deets 70s web site, with tv clips

all of which made me want some Space Food Sticks

And Now, the news. Saul was at Stanford again on Friday. Sara took many pics, we do not yet have, It was for a swallowing study. They made him eat some radioactive dust, then photographed it goin through his guts.

Apparently very bad time, and we are waiting on results.

Will keep you posted. He just woke up, and wants to play.

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