Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yes, I know, it has been too long since I posted. I will try to condense.

Saul has been on "double secret probation" as Jim the old Roommate said. He is on a feeding trial. We pulled his NG tube out, and for the past month, have been monitoring everything in and out.

Sara took him to Stanford last week, where they weighed him, reviewed logs, found he has not gained, but has not lost any weight. The doc thought he would lose a pound at least.

So we are continuing the trial, Stanford phoned Scribbles, everyone is on the same page. We all understand what we are trying. He is watched and monitored, and fed as much as possible.

He is not throwing up, so that is good. And he is happy to have no tube.

HOWEVER, he has a tooth coming in, and fever and sniffles. Mom also has fever and sniffles, but all her teeth are already in. :D

attached, some videos

Saul the book critic

Crawls into the kitchen, and stands up

Motorcycle news. Those darn Texas boys cost me money. I realized I do not ride as much as I like to, and I prefer dirt to street now. So I sold the Ducati. I have the Royal Enfield at a consignment shop. And I am hoping a pal buys my Honda XR650

All this to repay my savings account for the brand spanky new KTM 525 EXC I bought. Very nice bike, what I want. A street legal dirtbike, with an electric start, modern everything, and I will buy some supermoto wheels, so I can convert back and forth from really street to really dirt.

I am replacing 3 bikes in my garage with one.

I will be left with:
KTM 525
KTM 300 (dirt only)
BMW (sidecar puller for boy)
Yamaha Chappy 80cc moped
and a honda 175 out in the shed that need to be finished up


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