Wednesday, July 18, 2007

got back from the fishing trip to Loreto. Photos here.

Got back from the annual fishing trip to Loreto, Baja, Mex. It was nice and relaxing. Great Restaurants!

flew in Friday, had some dinner, got up Saturday morning at 5am to go fishing, and was skunked. nothing. No Dorado. The fish we hunt for. But still, from 5am till about 1pm, floated around the sea of Cortez with my pal Dale, talking smack? that is good stuff.

Saturday afternoon had fish tacos at world famous Mc LuLu's. Only to hear she plans on retiring this year. Wonderful dinner Saturday night.

Sunday, fished with Digital Dan, pulled in some Trigger. I got a Scorpion Fish, 2 Puffers, and finally some Trigger. Got back, had the mexican sampler plate for lunch at Hotel Oasis, and back to siesta. Dinner at LaPalapa. Brilliant Chile Rellenos.

Monday, back out with Dale, I spotted, he hooked a 125+ lb SailFish. It took about an hour to fight and land, with us trading the pole back and forth as we were getting wore OUT. sailfish does not taste too wonderful, so we let the skipper keep it, he will smoke it. We caught trigger, Needlefish, parrotfish, and some puffer. I got a trigger that looked like this!

Saw wales, turtles and porpoise while out.

Came in, and skipped lunch, for a long long nap. Dinner at El Taste. Early night.

Slept late Tuesday, then walked around town and did some shopping. Bought some Agavero (tequila liqueur) and headed to airport for flight home.

Lots of sleep, very relaxing. Going form AC to heat to AC did spark up my respiratory infection, but I am back on antibiotics and inhalers to close it down for good.

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