Thursday, July 05, 2007

yeah, we are all definitely sick. I keep hacking up green gobs the size of the palm of my hand. But I am on antibiotics. My ears are plugged up, I have a fierce headache, fever, and I cannot breathe.

Tarzan seems to be on the mend, his fever has dropped to almost nonexistent. He is cranky, but crawling around and doing more normal kid stuff.

Sara is at the doc getting antibiotics and a strep test. (OMG)

So last night we took some shots of our man having a work out

in the first video, he pushes around a cart Mike & Evvie gave him. Notice, when he hits the couch, his first instinct is to push it out of his way! ForcE!

in the second, he pushes around his second favorite object, an empty box. He also does an admirable job of stopping, balancing, and attempting to clap. (clapping, a new, and fun trick)

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