Monday, August 13, 2007

Apparently, taking after his uncle, Tarzan decided a visit to the ER would be fun.

I am not sure if he met any of yesterday's criteria, but I want to HOPE he was trying to impress the chicks.

He managed to jump off of, or onto (I'm not sure which) a wooden schoolbus play structure inside the daycare. By the way, this is one of his favorite places, when I drop him off, he crawls, or now walks, immediately, to it, and pretends to drive.

Anyhow, they called Sara, who called me. I was driving to pick him up anyhow, so I got there a little faster. He had a little blood on the corner of his left eye.

I think the ladies at daycare were more freaked out than Saul. I managed to reassure them with some jokes about how he is a professional stuntman, and it runs in the family.

We calmly drove to Good Samaritan ER, where I took these blurry phonecam pix, and we waited for mom, and triage nurse.

The nurse happened to see a doctor walking by, grabbed her, and VOILA! Like magic, she was a plastic surgeon. Dr. Melody Lynd. one word. FABULOUS! She instantly recognized Tarzan's devilishly handsome demeanor, and obviously dashing stunt man sense of adventure.

She described what may have happened, and how she would address it. He has a check-mark laceration on the outside corner of his left eye. There is a tendon there, that can control the movement of the eye, some muscle tissue that affects the shape of the skin outside the eye. She wanted to be sure the tendon was not damaged, so he did not get all cock-eyed, and she wanted to be sure the muscle was properly aligned with the skin, so he did not get all droopy on the outside. More facial laceration info here!

WOW. I mean WOW. She had a solid, positive method of communicating, calming, and getting us prepared. Adrian, the assistant came in with a papoose board, they wrapped Tarzan up, held his head, and Dr. Lynd debrided the area, put in 3 stitches like a pro, bandaged him up, and we were ready to go. WOW.

again, sorry for blurry phonecam pix, but here he is stitched and bandaged.

We came home, and he was having nothing to do with resting, he wanted to go go go. Fed him, then went to the grocery for food for me & Sara, while Mike & Evvie stopped by to check up.

Mom & Dad dinner? rainbow pasta swirlies (I forgot what they are called) in an alfredo garlic sauce, with shrimp. salad, and ? Mexicorn! I *heart* mexicorn. sweet AND zesty? how could you go wrong?

After dinner, (8pm) here he is, standing on the coffee table with Sara. You can see the swelling, and he is gonna have a heck of a shiner tomorrow.

and at 9, before bed, with teddy, helping re-adjust mom's computer.

he is standing in the swivel chair (OSHA violation)
he is using the mouse WHILE playing with an electrical plug
he turns to throw the mouse at me (daddy violation)
and, finally, a shot of his face. poor baby, he is gonna have a HUGE black eye tomorrow.

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