Sunday, August 05, 2007

The back yard is ripped up! The fence between us and Jackie is gone, the shed is gone, the big tree in the center of the yard is gone, lots of the concrete is coming out. We are under remodel at the moment!

We went to SF on Saturday, to visit my cousin Caryn & her husband Joe, who were in town for business. It was an amazingly fun trip. Tarzan got carted all over the city, and seemed to have a pretty good time.

We lunched at Butterfly by pier 30. if you get the chance, I highly recommend it. The American Kobe Beef Burger with Bacon Jam was swell. And Saul enjoyed the french fries.

Then walked past Pier 39, saw the Bush Man, walked around many shops with the famous $12 fleece, then walked up to Chinatown, shopped around there, but mainly walked, Wile Saul slept. Finally back to the hotel to rest a bit, clean him up and feed him.

For dinner, we were headed out for sushi, but the restaurant looked a little, well, icky? Sanitized, I dunno. it looked less fun than hoped. And we ended up at a small Italian restaurant in North Beach. Where Tarzan charmed the wait staff by tasting my red wine, then DEMANDING more. He was beating the table and grabbing for the glass.

Halfway through our dinner he got cranky and whiney. Of course, a whole day out and about, he was tired. But it is more fun to hypothesize that he is really? a mean drunk! :D

Who slept like a stone on the drive home.

This morning I went to Hollister and rode the dirt bike. Woo HOO it was fun. got home, cleaned up, Sara, Tarza, Matt & I rode bicycles to Pearl River Chinese for dinner, and rode home. Tarzan likes the bicycle.

I'm sore and tired. its bed time

So, the Bush Man is not only still there, he's got a Wikipedia entry? Amazing! Back in '98 I managed to sidle around to the opposite side of my then boyfriend - who was talking, and oblivious - and totally set him up for Bush Man attack. Hilarity (mine, anyway!) ensued. I wonder if that's why he dumped me? It was worth it :-)
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