Sunday, August 12, 2007

photographic mayhem.

But first, a shout out to my Uncle Irv, who finally realized how fun it is!

he apparently took a dive down some stairs. Remember, it is ONLY cool if you meet the following:

A) Were there chicks nearby that would have been impressed?
B) did a buddy say "I dare you"?
C) Money (bet or other payment)
D) Last thing you said was "hey Bubba, check this out"

Now since I do not believe ANY of these criteria were met, It was simply an accident.

All my wishes to get well soon, I hope the broken bones heal quickly. Till then, Milk the crutches for all the sympathy you can get.

We now return to photographic mayhem? Sara wanted to use the scanner to grab some hekka cute pic of the kid, which I will put up later. First, silliness!

Me, as a baby:

Me with too much facial hair (1994 i think)

Working on the mighty Yamaha RD400 race bike (Oak Hill Raceway, Henderson, TX 1986)

At the gravesite of Billy the Kid (2000)

OMG! Look at that picture of little Charles. You can see Tarzan's face.
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