Monday, August 27, 2007

What a weekend! I am not sure where to begin. Saturday night Sara and I went to Dale & Joan's for some spectacular ribs. Well, she had skrimps, but I had ribs. Yum

Then yesterday I went to the California State Fair with Matt, Phil & Tracey.

it was hot, dusty, and seemed to be about 95% booths selling things I should not eat. They had Fried Coke. I have no clue how you deep fry a liquid, and I did not want to know.

Some pix

Tracey is applying sunscreen

Tracey is applying sunscreen, no, RLY

We moved a row marker thing, and got front row, rock star parking (by breaking the RULES)

Phil recently had some ankle surgery, and opted to go with the wheelchair.

Rachel made a new friend. His name is Bob, he is one of the Budweiser Clydesdales. Now? all boys have a new standard to live up to.

Matt made a friend, note, she is blonde

trying the "drunk simulation goggles"

Wanted to make another blonde friend, but she was too busy being cool

gotta Represent, yo!

The Zipper. This is my favorite ride evAr. I rode with Phil, then he got to go again with Matt.
To quote from a website:
"The Zipper is the standard measuring stick to which all other "scary" rides are measured - if your body can handle two and a half minutes on the Zipper, you can handle any other ride on a carnival midway. The ride is lean, mean - and very rarely clean. It's also one of the few rides that hasn't been copied by any other ride manufacturer."

More about the zipper:
"The combination of its location, its condition, and the virtuosity of its motley collection of ride ops provided for an unsurpassed impression of peril. I've had several garden variety near-death experiences, including being hit by cars, attacked by dogs, mauled by farm equipment, and, once, grazed in the face by a bullet. Only two times, however, have I really considered myself to be on the threshold of a violent, ugly death. Once was on an airplane that appeared destined for a crash-landing. The other was during my first ride on the Coney Island Zipper. To feel, all at once, the fragility of the mortal coil is an intense, revealing experience. On the plane, I felt resigned to my fate and grateful that my brief life had in many respects exceeded my expectations. On Zipper, in the midst of a seemingly endless forward free-spin, I felt blind, animal panic; even though I knew the odds favored my survival, I could not bring logic to bear on the sensations I was experiencing. That's something I probably won't get to experience again from a $3.00 flat ride..."

all in all, a good day at the fair.

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