Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yesterday, I had a "Joe" moment. It is simple, but it made me feel very good. Tia Julia brought a used rolling Xylophone for Saul. When he pulls it, the wheels drive a gear with clappers, and it makes noise.

We had a wonderful chat about my desire for finding more "manually activated" toys, and she came through. There is nothing electronic here, and he loves it. Pulls it around and giggles.

But? it did not have the 'mallet' for banging on the other notes.

In an inspired "Joe moment" I MADE one! Yes, I went out to the shop, cut and sanded a dowel, drilled through for the pull cord, then cut and sanded a rectangular block. Drilled a smaller hole, and drove the dowel into it.

I KNOW this is simple, but it felt great.

Tied it to the plastic cord, and now he can use it to pull, plus as a mallet to bang on the notes.


Today I dropped my Royal Enfield off with Ken, for an oil change, tune up, and possibly conversion so the transmission will run oil, not grease.

Then we took the sidecar to Louis at El Gato interiors, for a re-do of the upholstery.

The Tuff Shed is delivered tomorrow. Sprinkler bits went in today. the yard is getting closer.

Nice shot of someone's tattoo there!
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