Monday, September 17, 2007

Last week I received EXCLUSIVE invitation to the "old cronies of Phil" sunday morning motorcycle ride.

this is very exclusive. A very elite group.

and a lot of fun.

So I was gonna take BMW not yet sidecar-ed up.

driving to the shop/meeting point, the bike stopped moving forward. the damn brakes froze up again. I got HOT. HOT I tell you. this project has been going on over a year. and is going no where.

Cab driver, ride home, sprinter, pulled the brake calipers off beside the road, loaded it on hauler, drove it home.

Got on Sara's BMW F650 and went on ride. Showed up 45 mins late, but they were okay, and we all had fun ride.

Got home from ride, called Don, the BMW guy, dropped bike at his house. At this point, I am close to ready to just walk away from the project. It is a big pile, and I am tired of working on it.

He talks me out of it. and will work on the bike. It will not come back to my house till it is running, stopping, and not leaking oil. Hopefully the sidecar will be attached.

THEN we went to Julia's for a BBQ. Saul did some swimming. Which he loves. Water baby? oh yeah.

afterwards he ate everything in site. chewed on some meat. real meat., not babyfood. ate some potato salad. ate some baby food with pasta

it is another small step forward. he does not eat like this every meal, or every day, but on days he does, it is just plain wonderful

I think Sara is about to trade her subaru in on a new subaru. I spent 30 mins talking to the most brilliant Joe in Austin (yes, the red headed menace, whatever will I do when he goes grey?) He gave me all the right advice, Sara and I looked at numbers. She is at the shop now. Will see what happens.

I have a meeting with my boss in an hour, about bonus stuff. then I ride the Royal Enfield Bullet home, and talk with the backyard guys.

more in a bit

"Saul did some swimming. Which he loves. Water baby? oh yeah."

I can not even BEGIN to tell you how freaking HAPPY this makes me. If I am lucky. I will be carting his butt all over the place for swim meets when he is not dirt biking.
Hello Charles,
There was an article in Cycle World August 2005 "Service by Paul Dean" about this problem. There is somthing wrong with your master-cylinder. There is a small bleed whole in the master cylinder that alllows the brake pressure to bleed down when you release the brake lever.
Something is blocking this bleed hole. It may be due to improper assembly of the master cylinder, the brake lever by not be the correct lever for this master cylinder, or something may be causing the lever to stick and not fully release which would block this bleed hole.
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