Monday, September 03, 2007

What and Why?

Stunt Van!

Stunt Van is a 1961 Corvair Model 95 8 door van. Photos of the sales brochure:
(you can click on ANY photo in my weblog to open a larger version in another window)

Stunt Van is not "pretty" She used to have a blue interior, but now some is blue, and some is flat black. The outside is mostly peeling white and rust, with red in places. She's lived a long, hard life. I want a vehicle I can clean with sandpaper, and touch up with spraypaint. I am not looking for a shiney truck. Not even the famous $50 paint job. But a useable truck. A short, small, easy to park addition to the Sprinter.

one of the previous owners worked for NASA or something, as the dash has more gauges than an fighter jet. Most of them work.

I bought her from Mel Raven, San Jose VairMart fame. He has been repairing, restoring and collecting corvairs for a long time. And? His shop is less than a mile from my house. Mel also has a Greenbrier sport van he is parting out, so he gave me 2 back seats. I will have the rear-most facing forward, and the middle seat will face backward. like the lower left photo on this page:

View from behind. Stunt Van is short, shorter than me. So I will be able to put a luggage bar on the top, and fit the Pirogue on top of her. Put a cooler with beers and formula, and a bucket of bait in Stunt Van, and Tarzan and I can go fishing.

The motor is also in the back. Speaking of motor, it has about 15,000 miles on a .030 over rebuild. So pretty fresh, and does not leak. Automatic Transmission, which I am used to. I would prefer a shifter, but? this is easier, and less to hassle with. Can always convert later if needed.

But Charles, Why do you call her "Stunt Van" Will you actually try to take her off some sweet jumps?

No, Unlike Joey Chitwood, I do not feel like flying a corvair. I call her Stunt Van because when you open the side doors, you COULD ride a motorcycle right though her. IN a really cool stunt! Maybe if I get excited, I will add Rebus Knebus Scramble Van stripes. But I doubt it

I hope, like with everything else, Tarzan can help me work on this, play with it, and as he gets older, drive it around. maybe HE will paint it up like a stunt van, and ride HIS motorcycle through it?

stunt van
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