Monday, September 03, 2007

Yes, California is different than Texas.

I hope someone gets sued. How much longer can the public stand for the militarization of the local police?

There is no reason. NONE, for this to have happened.

the team was disbanded? DISBANDED? give me a break. How about JAILED? this is one HUGE mistake. I cannot imagine what I would do if I were this family.

I understand (thank you Chris & Jim) that Policing is difficult and necessary work. And I understand everyone makes mistakes. But I've been saying for a while now, Police forces need to hold themselves to a higher standard. Mistakes like this should not happen. AND! If you are mid way through a house raid, you should be able to tell it is not the house you were after, and a random family should not be handcuffed, thrown to the floor and cursed at.

there is absolutely no excuse for this.

Turn police back to police. Leave the militia actions to the armed forces.

beat a bartender
some businessmen
bust an 83 yr old woman in the wrong house
Teach the kids!
Wrong house

this should make people angry. Wrong house is not an excuse.


my blood pressure

have you heard about this one:
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