Tuesday, October 23, 2007

9th on the list of 10 kick-ass facts about Bruce Lee makes me feel a little better about getting older, and furrier (not that kind of furry)

9. Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, who would win?
Here’s a clip of Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon. You can see how fast Bruce Lee moved … though it’s obvious that Chuck Norris would be immune to the One Inch Punch as his one-inch chest hair would absorb the punch with ease!

Tarzan's fever broke, he is at Scribbles this morning, all is well in the planet.

I stopped at some bagel joint on my way to work. I am very hungry. I need to eat. it is full of high school kids ordering? crap. Jalepeno bagel with strawberry cream cheese? I could not make this up.

All I want is a salt bagel. I have 15 mins. there are 8 kids in front of me in line. Kid #2 conversation:

kid - I want a plain bagel
cashier - what do you want on it?
kid - what can I get?

>.< Damnit people, do not let your undereducated idiot spawn out in public. He was standing in line while his buddy was ordering the jalepeno abomination, he should have looked at the menu.

People. Teach your children to know what they want, or get out of the way.

I left. there were ramen noodles in my desk at work.


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