Saturday, October 13, 2007

some catchup

New Used Car from Maya

Catfish Parlour in Austin. YUM! followed with blueberry cobbler?

Chuys Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Janet holding our man Tarzan

Tex Mex at Taco Express. The boy likes Queso. He likes migas. He needs to be eating more in Austin!

We drove up to Longview yesterday.

Barfed in Belton. Just carsick I think, but what a mess

Stopped in Waco and visited David Andrews at Waco Euro Cycle. Our man Tarzan checked out the bikes, and favors the Victory choppers.

We stopped again in Corsicana at Colin Street Bakery for cookies. Sara got some coffee.

We made it to Longview, had dinner with the family, then went to services. Too much talking, he got bored and gave commentary. We carried him out. After services, with singing? Dad did not stand up? Tarzan sat on my shoulders. then got tired of it all.

This morning, he decided he wanted to play with Cheyenne. Cornered her, and she snapped at him. 2 stitches on one cut, 1 stitch on the other. Everyone is fine and calm now. The doctors and staff at Longview Regional were very nice, although it was weird the male RN had a dip of Copenhagen snuff in his lip.

"snapped" at him?! What creature is this Cheyenne, a grizzly bear?! That's nasty! Poor little guy. (and poor Mom!) (ok ok and Dad too :) ).
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