Sunday, November 11, 2007

Brilliant? Epic!!!

Two of my friends at work are surfer boys from Santa Cruz, they also ride motorcycles, and often use the word "Epic" to describe a brilliant day like no other.

Today? fit the bill for me.

Last night Sara and I drove to Orchard Supply Hardware in the rain. (the rain is important here), as I heard rumor they are closing out on Craftsman(tm) tools. No evidence of that, but they do have 'half off' wrenches from sets that have been broken apart, etc. I found 3 combination wrenches, 6-8, 7-9, and 10-12 that will replace SIX wrenches in my trail pack, and will make the dirtbike load a little lighter.

Then we came home, and I drove over to Matt's, grabbed him and his brother Dan, went to In and Out Burger, where I had a Double Double, fries, and a half lemonade, half sprite. YUMMY! It sprinkled off and on all night.

got home, and in a fit of good naturedness, gave sara a foot massage!

Slept with Tarzan, and woke up at 6:30 am this morning, to cloudy, but not raining sky. Drove to Dales, picked up Dale and Jack, and their dirtbikes, and we all drove down to Hollister Hills.

I had my new-ish KTM 525 EXC, So did Jack. Dale was on his Yamaha TTR225, as his KTM is still setup for super-moto.

We unloaded around 8:45am, and rode in the light mud. Up and back on Harmony Gate road, to warm up. Now when it rains out here, Metcalf is almost 100% Adobe, and it is totally unrideable. Hollister, however, is 50-50 Adobe and Granite. Not granite rock, but more dirt? I do not really understand, but the upper part of the lower ranch is incredibly rideable when it is wet or misting.

once we got warmed up, we rode up to high road, and around and up and down. We all had fun. Got back to camp, and were wore out. so we rested. but only a little. and went out and did it again! only a little faster.

By this time, Jack and Dale were shagged. Of course, I have been riding as much as I can on weekends, and have a year or two head start on them. So I went back for another 2 laps, but of the short course, turning on Olive Orchard road, rather than the full lake road loop.

I did it TWICE, it was great fun, The 525 can do no wrong, I was going fast over jumps, pushing the front into turns (Yes Chris, elbows up, shoving the fornt end under me!)

Wheee! I went over one small jump, and passed 3 bikes while I was in the air! It was so super cool.

Got back to the Sprinter, loaded everything up, and we drove into Jerrys in Hollister, for breakfast foods. Bacon and eggs? Thanks very much!

Back up to San Jose, dropped Dale & Jack off, over to our house, and washed out the sprinter, which was very muddy in back, cleaned the cabin out, then cleaned about 8 tonnes of dirt off the KTM 525 EXC. An Absolutely brilliant bike.

Started the laundry, went in and saw evidence. I knew Sara and Saul went to Emiko Bong's first birthday. But there was evidence of a baby on a rampage in our house. toys everywhere, stuff all over. I cleaned that up. Took a long, hot shower, washed all my bits and pieces, then took a glorious nap.

Waiting for Sara and Tarzan to arrive home. Wrote this up, and have to say.... Time spent with friends? Cheezeburgers or Dirtbikes, any time with friends is good times.

Today was an Epic day. I am sore, tired, and very happy.

Good evening.


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