Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How does it all start? Small

Well, when I was about 6, Grandma Manya wanted to buy me a Honda Motorcycle. Why? the Honda Corporation's "you meet the nicest people" advertisements. Happy kids playing on small bikes.

I wanted that bike more than I wanted Food, Water or Air. And? Mom, who knew better, shut me down. "NO MOTORCYCLE" It went along with "NO BLONDES" You know what men want more than anything else? Stuff they cannot have. I still lust for a 1964 305 Honda Superhawk. The Speedo and Tach needles are opposed, and look cooler than anything. Ever.

If I'd have had the little Honda, way back then? I'd have fallen, broken my arm, and been done with it. Now? I am totally addicted to motorcycles. Oh, and my lovely blonde wife. :D

My hope is that Saul will spend his free time working on bikes with me, learning about mechanics, why things work, and riding on weekends, as a family activity. Something we all do together.

However? Every good thing goes a little helter-skelter every so often.

I learned to ride bikes, then I learned to race bikes, then I learned to fix bikes, then I learned I liked being a show off. As evidenced in the Death Valley Trip of 2003. (Yes, that is Jack cheering me on)

Well, John and Anne Michelle gave Tarzan this wonderful 3 wheel "Go and Grow Rider" as a 1st birthday present. Tonight Sara and I were watching a movie, when he busts out a Mad Phat Stunna Trick, we had never seen this before, did not train or encourage him.

Actually, as a semi-responsible parent, I want to convince him NOT to do this. But it is super cool.

It all starts small.

And ends up with him making videos in Las Vegas or something. (45 seconds into this video)

Mad Stunna Tarzan!

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