Monday, November 19, 2007

Mr. Whipple died.

Tarzan is going ape wild. He has a runny nose, I think from teething. So I got to work from home today and take care of him. There is some big ass emergency at eBay, and Sara has been gone all day. On the plus side? we got to have lots of guy time. On the not so plus side, I am going out of my freaking mind, this is insanely hard. He wants MOMMY, not me. He is wandering all over the house going "mamma mamma" and just looks at me and walks away.

He pulls everything off every shelf, tosses toys all over the place, closes doors, then is mad about it. Basically, a baby rampage! Rampage!

so here are some photos

briefly asleep in the Sprinter

hair amok in mom's car yesterday

From the new schmancy camera:

Flash sent this link, it may help with tickets.

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