Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GIANT Sticky-Man climbs down building

when i was a kid, I really enjoyed eating oranges. for some reason, as an adult, i have grown away from them. maybe its the time requirement, peel, partition, seeds, cleanup, I do not really know. At Costco the other day, they had boxes of California Cuties on sale. Yummy? si. easy to peel, no seeds, they are probably somehow BAD for me, but I like them, and they are better for me than M&Ms

California Clementines do sometimes have seeds so watch out. The TRUE Clementines come only from Spain (this time of year) and they have no seeds. AND they are super easy to peel so it might be a good play food for Saul? Oh, but there would be that choke factor because of the size. Although with his keen ability to self-cleanse that might not be a problem. :)
Cuties are wonderful! Like you noticed, they're easy to handle, but they're really sweet too. Katrina (2-1/2 months younger than Saul) LOVES them, though I cut each piece in half for her. She'll eat 4 in one sitting, and is a happy, sticky mess afterward!

Hard to imagine how they can be BAD for you :).
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