Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hannukah Indulgences

We went to Mike & Evie's last night for the first night of Hannukah. It was fun, and Saul had a blast opening presents. I took video with the new camera, and posted them here in series.

(this may only be interesting for family, thus the indulgence part)

Saul starts on the paper, while Mike spins dreidls, you can also see Evie and Sara in this clip. You cannot see Steve, who is sitting to Sara's right.

unwrapping and very carefully throwing the paper on the floor!

note the care taken, throwing stuff on the floor, fierce concentration, and cool drumming!

he opens the box, watch for the unexpected twist!

He instructs Mike on his newest trick. Note, the tongue almost always comes out exactly 2 times.

He got a hand made yamika from Evie

and Steve shows what makes us happy! Dounuts!

In other news, Bed #4 arrived yesterday, hopefully it is the one.

My ankle is healing fine, I am walking without the compression bandage today, will see how it does by the end of the day.


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