Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Last night we had dinner at Mark & Julia's. it was brilliant. She made 18lb prime rib, and 2 lbs salmon, all the other good yummy stuff, and and and and had the entire dinner on the table at the same time, it was fabulous.

Tired. I have the cleanest bed linens in the bay area. And I am tired of it.

Saul has a headcold. he gets rid of it, then goes to daycare, and it comes right back. He is also teething. Back ones.

so? he barfs a lot. and? I clean it up. Usually late at night. Followed by some laundry, bed changes, and my soft "Ken Armann" hoodie gets washed yet again. It's cold at night, and I've discovered I LIKE sleeping in a hoodie. I do not know why, but I speculate the hood makes a nice neck support.

Anyhow, I DIGRESS!

So cleaned up last night, got him to sleep with Sara on clean sheets in the master bed, then I went to sleep in the computer room.

About 5am, he was just SCREAMING. Total fit. Sara was trying to change his diaper, but he would kick and scream, and was not cooperating. I speculate he was also hungry, as all the 9pm formula was on the bed, in the wash, and on my hoodie. I think the house was also too dry, as the only vaporizer was in the computer room. (nice and swampy in here!)

Sometimes you can only love him so much, and you have to be strong, grab him by the ankles, and change the damn wet diaper. Which I did. Then Sara managed to comfort him some. She gave him some water to fill him up till breakfast, or the 6:30am formula feeding.

Then he came to sleep with me. He curled up, on my left side, in my armpit, kind of like Ladybird used to. (1987 photo for reference only, i have not been that skinny in a long time)

When he was really really asleep? and backed into me, and got all nice and warm and cuddly? it made me feel pretty nice. It is moments like those, peaceful, snoring, calm, that wipe away the barf cleaning, the yelling, etc.

I could hear Sara snoring in her room, and it was great to know she was also resting.

so anyhow, he was taking a nap on the computer room bed earlier this afternoon. Napping very well. Very happy. for a LONG time. We often wonder, is it better to let him sleep, or wake him up.

When he is sick? I think it is better to let him sleep. and he did. from 2pm till about 5:30pm.

I heard him stirring and mumfbling, making those "baby is awake now, pay attention" noises. Went in to pick him up, and? he was soaking wet. as I lifted him? My hoodie? the one I washed last night? also got soaked through. with pee.

He was on top of the covers. and peed through the comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, featherbed cover, featherbed, but stopped before the futon.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? when he was last changed? his enormous penis was sticking out of the left leg slightly. and he just unleashed that firehose and soaked the place!

got him cleaned up. got all the bedding in the wash, where it is now, got the featherbed rinsed and hanging in the garage to dry.

Fed him his latest concoction of protein and delight. You put 2 eggs in a pyrex bowl, and microwave them for 1.5 mins. then heat chicken noodle soup. Put 6oz chicken noodle soup, 2 eggs, and enough rice cereal to make it gummy into the Magic Bullet. Puree it. Pour it into 4oz ziploc snap & seal containers. refrigerate but heat and serve to him in < 24 hrs.

Lots protein, and he eats it.

Anyhow. now I am waiting for my re-re cleaned hoodie to come out of the dryer. again.

and attaching this video sara took. He is enjoying some cookies Kate sent. (yummy, LOVE you Kate, thanks!)

and now? I just want a nap. It was Xmas, and I did not have Chinese food. :(

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