Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a Plethora of videos

(do you KNOW how many is a Plethora??)

Box Spin
- He likes to spin around, even when it makes him dizzy. He giggles some, falls down some, and then says "Apple" for mom.

- new fave on the toy list, Ruben our neighbor got Saul this truck. It has 4 cars with RFID sensors, which help it talk, and ask him to "load the green car" etc. He has played with it for a long time, continuously. Lots of attention span and focus. Very cool

Roedl Fleece
Uncle Tony sent this fleece to keep him warm when he is moving Earth around.

Cow Light
Cousin Taylor gave him this cow light. When Tarzan pulls the switch under the tail, it lights up and says MOO. At first he was skeptical, but mom convinced him it was fun. He briefly shows it to dad (with a great shot highlighting my swiftly diminishing amount of hair) then resumes play.

Rocking Horse Motorcycle Stunna
- Really, we try not to encourage this. but I think it is genetic. He rocks, then stands up, and briefly lifts his leg, ninja style. I am actually worried, and ask him to sit. With his low muscle tone, he falls a lot. So the rocking motorcycle lives up on a high cabinet, and he only plays with this one under close parent watchin.

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