Thursday, December 20, 2007

runny nose, cranky, not sleeping. Tarzan seems to have developed some of his back teeth. one is actually poking through. I know doctors SAY teething does not give runny nose or fever. they LIE.

so things have been a bit cranky at the house, therefore we have bot been all social and phone calling and stuff.

Sorry. Just resting when we can

SO, Hannukah is over, but the Christmas Madness is coming up. DO NOT WANT. Not out buying gifts, don't expect gifts, I was thinking a nice thing to do would be to rededicate ourselves to the second hand baby clothes supply chain.

get hand-me-downs
use hand-me-downs
give hand-me-downs

will work on it.

And if you really MUST get me something? the Ibistek VIPER would be nice, or even a trip for them to put a chain gun (SWARM system) on the sprinter.

And Chris? My idea about a tase proof jacket? someone already has a patent! Damnit, always behind...

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