Thursday, December 27, 2007

so today is my father's birthday. And I suck, cause I have not done anything but call.

I started looking for a strip-o-gram, then realized it is a horrible idea. In Longview, North East Texas? Either she's a meth freak and would burglarize the place, or? young boobs, and he'd have a heart attack, and I would be the reason.

But still, what turns up on the interweb?

J's Place! The video is some Tv-commercial gone wrong, but the description under it is my favorite.

"This is a horrible commercial made for a wanna be strip club in Longview Texas. They say you will have an "enchanting" evening. The girls are supposed to be the "best looking girls in town" which is a hilarious joke. If you took a bunch of trailer park girls who have never been to the dentist, went to walmart or goodwill and bought some clothes, cut slits in the clothes and poured some grease in these girls hair... THAT is J's place! Please enjoy this sad pathetic commercial!"

UPDATE!!!!! My folks tell me we know the owner. Sorry Jeff, ya gotta get some better production on the commercial!

I especially like that they promote location location location. "Next to Johnny Cace's" This used to be THE FANCY PLACE in my home town. Pops would take us there on Sundays for lunch. And spoon the foam off his beer for me. I am positive Johnny Senior is spinning in his grave that this wannabe strip club is using his name to advertise. He truly made the effort to build a nice, classy place. I guess his family let it go?

Ewww. Them's three-condom girls.

You weren't supposed to find out about my "software ventures", and now you know why things aren't goin so hot!


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