Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lou Dobbs is someone I mostly cannot stand. rhetoric, liberal-baiting, etc.

However, today? he published a brilliant article on the economy, in simple, easy to understand terms that, as an economist, I like.

both parties, last 25 years, spent too much, allowed too much foreign trade
trade deficit is rising faster than the national debt
outsourced everything, so now we are dependent on foreign,
therefore trade deficit will continue to rise
economic stimulus will not hold

The SKY is freaking falling.

And I have no idea what to do. We make great money, high tax bracket, except we live in one of the most expensive places in the US, and all money goes to pay for the tiny house.

If the housing market crashes (more) we wont be able to sell for what we have in it
Money in the bank is depreciating and falling
Stocks? feh.

if either of us lose our job
if we cannot cover the mortgage
if we have to sell the house at a loss

there are just so many ways we could be instantly screwed. ... because we played by the rules. 30 year fixed mortgage. Keep 3 months expenses in savings account. Work hard, save, etc...

and now I have to pay for all the fuckheads who bought ferraris on reverse equity loans on their stupid houses.

ARGH it is so frustrating.

I want to find a security to BUY, that will not depreciate, will have value even if the economy goes to crap, and I have no clue what.

I feel like I am operating without a safety net. and it is someone else's fault.

so? I am gonna be completely irresponsible and go ride dirtbikes in the Mojave desert for a long weekend. Where it may be raining or snowing. But, I'll be with friends, and it will be fun


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