Monday, January 07, 2008

Sunday James & Tara brought Emiko over. Saul was super-cute, showed off his motorcycle stunting acumen, then shared toys with Emiko, and gave her a nice kiss on the cheek. She was walking all around the place. It was great fun.

this morning was MRI at 7:30am, fooey, just looking at his brain, follow-up from when he was 1 month, the left front occipital lobe was a little smaller than the right. of course, there is so little MRI data for 1 month olds, so the Neuro wanted to followup in ~ year or so, that was this morning. Saul (Tarzan) was a brave little man, and took the anesthesia well. When he woke up? not so happy with the IV and monitor, and tried to remove them himself. If he only had a screwdriver or pliers he'd have disassembelled the hospital! Woke up fine, drank, and got to go home.

Although he has had fierce poops and gas, it is okay, probably needed to be emptied out some!

We'll get results in a few days, but are not expecting anything exciting.

He is eating better daily, and we see a definite upward trending on all fronts.

Emiko was walking all over the place? ARRGH! She's at least 5 weeks younger than my little crawling 15-month-old spider. What did I *do* to deserve this scourge of ultra-late walkers? Wah! well, good for you Emiko, go girl. Tarzan's an expert at the bipedal thing already.

good luck to T. & parentals on MRI results and all.
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