Sunday, February 03, 2008

its raining well, its off and on raining. but it is wet and cold, and my lungs are full of stuff, it's hard to breathe, and I cough up lung buttons a lot.

Saul slept in my bed last night. Sara has Saturday, so she went for a motorcycle ride in the morning, then out to dinner last night. So he slept with me. and snored and kicked, and had a good time saying "baba" while I'd scamper for the bottle, he'd just giggle and push it away.

We went to the doc on what? Thursday? I seem to be losing track of time. He weighed 18 pounds, and 11.5 ounces. but was taller?

he's generally a darn happy kid, and thats good.

I need to get my sprinter in for service, but it won't stop raining, and I do not want to ride motorcycle back from Gilroy in the rain. so hopefully it will stop raining before valentines day, when we are goin to death valley. all 3 of us. in the sprinter.

i'm sure there is something else cool to say, but my brain is not helping me.


We're really glad you'll all be at Death Valley so we can visit. Whoever is watching Saul can come over to the bus and hang out with us...

See you soon!
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