Thursday, April 17, 2008

I find this very cool. and am considering staging it

SO! yes, it has been a while. things have been hectic and insane.

Brad is almost to Butte, Montana, and facing a challenging trip. Swing by his weblog, and poke him up some cheer?

Our house is falling apart. Well, no, actually, yes. There are cracks in the drywall, and the doors are hard to close. I understand Pier and Beam construction. sort of. So I crawled under the house to look, and ya know what I saw? Piers. And Beams!

Alan Barbic recommended a structural engineer, and on Tuesday Mr. Jones came out and crawled under the house. You know what he saw? Piers. And Beams. And a foundation perimeter that has settled over the years, below the piers and beams.

Causing our floor to look like a saucer, that has been turned upside down, and is highest in the center, and sloping down to the edges.

We are discussing price and affordability to re-level. This will have to happen before re-roofing. Yikes, another housing pellet to eat.

The super-loo in my bathroom is some off pressurized toilet tank, and it loses pressure if not flushed every 6 hours... So in the morning, Flush! whooom! Nothing. Hello Poop! Whay didn't you go away? That has to be fixed.

The bath tub in my bathroom has started shipping at the bottom, and the water drips unless you turn the faucet directly between hot and cold, then turn it off. Great

But those have to wait till re-leveling.

The backyard is nearly done. that is nice. YAY Nice.

Someone is interested in Sara's TTR, I hope they buy it. I will try to clean up the Chappy this weekend, and put an ad on Craigslist for that too.

Saul talks in his sleep.

i just got a new Mac Book Pro notebook for work. I will configure it tomorrow, and hopefully have a laptop that does not crash ot lose all my data, or get virus infected every 10 days.

Sara's hair looks great. I need to get a photo. It is at a very nice length, and looks pretty.

I think that is most of the news.

You should talk to Mark. He has been jacking our house up and leveling for a week now. The floor is almost level.
do you have any internet out there? we're thinking about heading out cali-fornee way.
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