Sunday, May 04, 2008

have not posted in a while, because things have been insane. hight points:

Sara and I rode 2 up on a DATE on the Royal Enfiled Friday night. Julia came early to babysit Tarzan, so we went out to see the Jackie Chan/Jet Li flick, it was fun. Saw teenagers at the shopping mall, I am not convinced our future is bright.

Saturday morning parking lot sale at RoadRider, I bought a new street helmet, Scorpion, same brand as my dirt helmet. Why? my current street helmet was an old inventory closeout, and not exactly greatest protection I could buy. Saul got some cool bendy sunglasses, and Sara got some MX sox. BUT! We all rode over in the sidecar! woo hoo!

Saturday afternoon I took Saul and Matt shopping, we went to costco, so Saul got some yogurt and diapers, Matt got some beer and snausages. Then had BBQ at his house saturday night.

This morning I picked up Dale, and we rode the KTMs at Hollister from 8:30 till about 2:30. I am tired, but it was fun. They opened a new trails section, it was spectacular. Felt like riding through a cow pasture, I kept waiting for a farmer to shoot rock salt at us.

It was fab.

Got home, cleaned everything, took Sara and Tarzan, then some neighborhood kids for rides around the block. Then neighborhood kids helped me load the barrel cactus into the sprinter, and we drove that to Matt's house. Saul keeps running to it, and we are afeerd he'll get a nasty handful of cactus. So cactus is gone. My fuel jugs are refilled at the house, all bikes are clean, I am tired.

New trick? diaper comes off and he says "hello pee pee" Diaper goes on and he says "bye bye pee pee"

Funny how different teenagers look when you have one that's a decade or so from turning into one too. yuk. Teenagers...they smell, they grunt, they pick zits, they show cracks...and that's just the girls!

Meantime, wee-haw on the family outing in the sidecar. I know a little girl who'd be seriously impressed seeing Tarzan in that!
You forgot the best thing EVER! Tarzan says Tia now!
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