Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IFSP with SARC this morning. very painful.

it is so hard to hear our son, who looks so cute, and is advancing, is slow, behind, and undersize. We need to get more into him. and I don't know how.

it is impossible to explain to anyone, cause "c'mon, just skip a meal, he will get hungry" but he doesn't.

this morning when i got the last spoonful of breakfast into him, he barfed. so i re-fed it to him again. that is hard to explain to people.

Tarzan rocks. He is a great kid. I know you worry about the tests and the eating, and that is so normal because you are his dad.

Please know that size and speed don't matter...he is a really terrific guy. I love how he makes you and Sara so soft and squishy. I love his big smile and shock of handsome blonde hair. How he loves things that move and make noise. How he flirts and charms everyone around him.

I can never truly understand how hard it is for you, how you worry about his health because I am not a parent. But I know good people when I see 'em, and Saul is good people. He's going to be great in this world!
Hunger and fatigue just spins 'em up to where they won't eat or sleep! Not every kid, not every time, but in general, if it gets to the point of really being hungry or tired, you're screwed. (BTW this applies to pottying too: "No I don't hafta go No I don't hafta go No I don't hafta go...I GOTTA GO >>NOWW!!!<<)

Anyway "just skip a meal" or "just put 'em to bed later" doesn't work on any kid, even those without eating or sleeping challenges.

I feel for you -- feeding toddlers is frustrating enough even under the best of circumstances!
Folks, we have a plan of attack. Hopefully we will have more answers and information soon, but just so you know the biggest problem we have right now is that Saul isn't napping anymore! He still needs a nap so by 5PM he's an exhausted, cranky mess. I'm talking to someone about it on Tuesday, a baby sleep whisperer. Keep your fingers crossed that she's got answers.

But, please, don't send a bunch of emails about sleep, we've got information overload already.
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