Monday, May 26, 2008

Its a boat. And it floats! We took the Pirogue Mark made us out for a wee paddle today. Our hope was to go to Almaden Lake Park down the street (city of san jose, not county), but wouldn't ya know it, those BASTARDS do not allow private boats. Not easily deterred, especially since the boat WAS on the car, we drove out McKean road to Calero Reservoir. They do boat inspections, and were looking for nasty weeds or something. Since we had not been in the water before, it was very quick.

unloaded the Pirogue, carried it to the water, and boarded up. A proper Louisiana Pirogue is meant to paddle and pole around in shallow swamps, fishing. yes, if by fishing, you mean running supplies out to your moonshine still, then yes, fishin. Well, flat bottom boats are not the most stable, it took a lot of getting used to and paddling. I am gonna discuss the possibility of an outrigger with the maker, as a future project.

please find pix here

boat on car

kid, not to pleased with life jacket, but learning

this is more like it


now we are done? I want more!

eating lunch at the park with mom

car is loaded

signs for the park

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