Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Charles, you forgot, you are from TEXAS Boy. Man-UP"

Yep, I could Hear you Chris! I heard your words, and seen your smile, inside my head and such.

Went to home depot.
New toilet installed. close enough color. Kohler Wellworth Bottom and Top and seat
ceiling fan for Saul's room installed. Hunter Stonington 46"

went to Fry's.
Sara's desktop is now working
bought backup drive for her to keep her data on just in case
bought a case to put the hard drive out of her laptop in, but got wrong one, will return and swap out tomorrow
got bluetoof headset for new california law about handsfree on cell

depending on how she likes the fan in Saul's room, may buy same for family room. (that one is not working so well lately also)

thanks Chris

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