Tuesday, June 03, 2008

for YEARS, since I have known him, OMJ (James Gardner) has told me "Charles, stop buying junk, get yourself some Red Wing Shoes" And for years, I have not listened. My current pair of street motorcycle boots were bought out of a discount catalogue for $21 in 1993.

Today. This VERY morning, I woke up and knew it was time to fulfill my destiny. I went to the Red Wing Shoes shop on Stevens Creek and Lawrence Expressway. Kimberley the manager told me they do not stock the model I want, but we ordered it.

Laces and zip, steel toes, vibram sole, back lether, oh hubba hubba.

Kimberley helped me try on a similar pair, made on the same mold for fit. I now wear a size 10, and have been stretching all my shoes. this explains a lot of discomfort. She also told me Red Wing provides free polishing, cleaning, oiling, shoe laces, repair, etc. for life. For LIFE! And it is made in the United States of America.

Once Again, James, you are correct, and I should have done this much sooner. They lasted a long time for him, they will last a long time for me.

and now, some updates on the kid.

Last night I noticed a large box from a car seat Sara purchased. And a box from some diapers. A knife, some tape, and a box fort is made!

Mike and Evie came over to visit, and she went to play in the fort. I think Mike smiled bigger than I have seen in a long time, when he gave her a proper spankin! :)

They all played for a bit. Last shot is of monkey himself. No, he looks very unhappy! Angst ridden, you could say. All black and goth. Oh, wait, no, he is laughing his bottom off! Woo HOO

And some power wheels in action video from earlier in the day

my plans for an 18v conversion and turning it into a "drifting" car has been delayed till he is a bit better at driving.

Testimonial: Red Wing boots rule. I've been wearing them for work forever. Worth every penny. AND Mythbusters dispelled that nasty rumor about steel toes cuttting off your toes when crushed;)
As I have had my foot run over by a gigantic forklift in the past I already knew that your toes did not get snipped off because of steel toes.
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