Sunday, June 08, 2008

friday, came home early, kid and sara were home, mostly a blur had cheeseburger with Brad

Saturday, rode dirtbike at Metcalf, while Sara & Saul went fishing. FISH! he says "fished IN" and makes 'gills" sign, like on Waynes world.

Got home, cleaned bikes, changed all oil and filters, all bikes are ready to go.

made Dale some racks to smoke Jalapenos on, made some cheese stuffed peps, they were INSANELY hot, I thought I was gonna die. We had dinner at big Dale Party.

Sunday AM, got up early with kid, rode hot rod up and down the street. Woo HOO Hot Rod.

afternoon, we went with Sara to Target, did lots of shopping, got a new harmonica.

Went to Mike & Evie to visit, then dinner at elephant bar.

He is sitting on me now, and looks like this,

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