Sunday, June 29, 2008

its all broken. i just need to throw money at everything, and fix it

house is level, but front door will not close, and glass is breaking
interior doors will not close right
saras laptop video card died, but whole laptop is POS - she is looking at new ones
sara's desktop computer gives memory error, and will not boot up
sliding glass screen door is broken
living room fan does not work right
sauls room fan is not working right
main bathroom toilet does not flush
main bathtub is delaminating

and the list just goes on and on.

yesterday i thought I would just go buy 2 fans and a toilet, well, no fans i like, and the one i like is $450. Sara wants a toilet that matches colors, the cheapest i saw is $575.

we looked at front doors, but cannot make a decision

ya know what? i just want a beer, and i cannot even do that.

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