Friday, June 27, 2008

last night he barfed
and barfed

and barfed a little more, just to make sure the carpet got its fair share.

i am trying to find a doc-in-the-box, so I do not have to sit forever in the ER, i want to get my wrist x-rayed. I think it is just sprained, but it still hurts

why is it that when you go to the ER, you sit and wait, while they treat people with no insurance and knife wounds, but you HAVE insurance?

why is the guy with the money having to wait?

that's why I hate going to ER. sit and wait. sit and wait.

this morning Sara and Saul came and jumped in bed with me. He was super cute, crawling all over the place and pushing covers on himself saying peek-a-boo

probably super cute to make up for the barfing

but he barfed up breakfast, so had to re-eat that.

Make an appointment with SOAR. They have offices in San Jose and RWC and both sites have x-ray on site, no waiting, immediate wet read. It is also not difficult to get an appt. Why screw around with BS at a lousy ER? Doc in the box is not any better around this place.
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