Monday, June 02, 2008

Ladybird's book of Policemen!
A humorous re-interpretation of a kids book, Do not read with mouth full

RIP Ladybird! Best companion evar

wild weekend of flurry.

Friday night, Tia Julia came early. I had an errand to run, referenced later as "Tarzan's new wheels" Got back from that successful venture, then took Sara for Sidecar Pilot Lessons. We drove around the neighborhood, sidecars are difficult beasties to drive.

When we finished, we swapped places and made tracks for Sushi dinner and a date.

Saturday morning I went to metcalf to ride dirtbikes. My pal Joanne showed up, and was doing great, til she locked her keys in her truck, then fell and broke her ankle. We dealt with the issues in order. Drove Joanne home to Palo Alto. Picked up her husband Mauro, drove him and a spare key back to Metcalf to get his van. He drove home and took her to the ER, where they said "spiral fracture" I suggested she do jumping jacks till it was a proper break. She declined.

I got home, ran ran over to Mel and picked up the Corvair. It had an exhaust issue we came to a compromise to repair. :)

got home again, and cleaned up some, cleaned bikes, did laundry, ran errand, got metal poles for luggage racks, got battery for "Tarzan's New Wheels" got home and got sorted out.

Saturday night was "date Night" at Scribbles, so Saul was there, Sara and I went to Puerto Azul for some yummy dinner date. Then went to pick up kiddo.

Sunday morning we all piled into the sidecar and drove to Vasona Park for a BMW mini club meeting rally thing. There were sidecars and old bikes, old guys, etc. But no Rob Grauer, the BMW wizard pal of Saras I am hoping will help me clean up and do the stuff that needs doing.

Got home, and put Tarzan in his new wheels. Did he like it? OF COURSE! Photo is proof

Put him down for a nap, then ran to hardware store to get some PVC. Sara found a web page that describes a PVC pipewark "permanent tomato plant cage" well, damn dirty hippies, no real measurements, and V1 looks mediocre. I am working on a real redesign for V2

Cut down another of the ded white birch trees in our front yard. More light, but also more exposure. It tells me I really DO like the tree/jungle look out there.

Last night, Sara said "I don't hear the baby, what is he up to" and you know, when they are quiet? is when they are making trouble.

I walked into the bathroom, fortunately, holding the camera, to find this!

an empty roll of toilet paper, and a guilty looking kid. Who immediately stood in FRONT of the empty roll, so I would not see it. HIDE the evidence!

Unfortunately, he could not be in two places at once, and I saw the final result. 1/2 roll of toilet paper. Fortunately, no cell phones, keys, daddys wallet, etc... BUt I know it is coming.

took him back out to the living room, to illustrate which toys were his. He likes the sit and spin

and now some video

Hey - congrats on your BoingBoing mention. Bet that spikes your traffic somewhat. . .
Ah, so *you're* responsible for Joanne's ankle! that sucks, poor girl. Never known her to crash or injure, 'course it happens to everyone.

A motorized car for the kid?! Heaven! (here it'd be instant turf wars) When's the party? :) actually, never mind -- I've never believed kids HAVE to share their toys! And who'd wanna share that one? Not me!
Love your smile in the garage photo up top. You look awake! And mischievous. Rather than sleep-deprived which I have come to expect ;-)
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