Monday, June 09, 2008

Yesterday we went to visit Mike & Evie and go out for Supper.

Today was a wonderful day. We got up, dropped Tarzan off at Daycare, then went to Palo Alto to the Children's Health Council, which is somehow connected with Stanford. Met with Dr. Bentley, a psychiatrist, who coordinates treatments for children with eating issues.

We met for an hour and a half, discussed all the history, issues, possibilities, info, etc. etc.


She is working on an action plan. She will get copies of ALL medical reports, chat with all doctors and specialists who have met Saul. She will go watch him eat at Scribbles and Giggles. She will build a team of specialists from the health center. Nutritionists, Physicians, Gastrointerologists, Neurologists, and whomever else we need. She will develop a strategy, and will herd all the right professionals into the right places at the right times, until we can get the kiddo eating.

I felt very good when we left. As I told Brad "no wall hangings, no patchoili, no hippy, no magic. Just a clinician looking for data to build a plan"

VERY good.

We got home from daycare this evening, and it is very very hot here. almost 86. FOOEY. I am gonna get beat when riding dirtbikes in the desert next week.

But Saul ate 6 pureed ounces. eggs, turkey, sour cream, olive oil, tomato sauce, cheese and mint. Without much fighting.

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