Monday, July 07, 2008

In the comments, someone anonymously wrote:

Anonymous said...

my legacy dies when I do.

You're a lucky man.

To have something to live for.

To wake up in the morning and have meaning.


I don't know who wrote it, but must be someone who reads my weblog. And? I gotta tell you, I think about this all the time. I do not know what my great great grandfather's name is. I barely know about my grandfather. I want my son to know about how wonderful his grandfathers are.

But more than legacy for the future? I want my son to know about wonderful people in the here and now.

So your legacy only dies if you let it. Feel free, come teach Tarzan a lesson, teach him something new. And he will carry that with him, and a small part of you, that he is carrying with him, will live on for a while....


so now some photos

Saul and pop playing with the computer in bed.

the hotel I spent one night in Moab, Utah

And the destruction I have wrought on my right hand Pinkey finger last night. I was changing tires on Sara's DRZ 400. She does not like the MT-21 dual sport tires. they are KNobbies, and do not ride so nicely on the street. So I was changing them to a radial (smooth) for better ride. I had everything swapped and mounted, was putting the front wheel back on, and managed to get my finger caught between the brake rotor mount and the brake caliper. It pinched both sides of the finger, which bubbled up some in the middle. the nail is blue and hideous, the left side scrape skin fell off, and seems to be healing, the right side is a big dent, where the skin lifted up, but seemd to have smooshed back down and is healing. I am keeping it slathered with Neosporin and other antibiotics. I wash it regularly with hydrogen peroxide, and keep it covered unless I am indoors and clean, when I try to let it breathe some.

I am fairly certain, from the pain, that the bones inside got mashed, however, it is a fingertip, all they will do is tape it to the next finger, so I am unwilling to go sit in line, AGAIN at a ER, to be told what I am doing is correct, now give us $3500.

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